How can I sell my house in a hurry?

Because we want to provide a timely service, our Company works with private funds and has the cash resources right now to purchase your house. With today’s economy banks take way too long. We do not want our sellers to wait while we go through the loan approval process like other buyers do. We don’t have to wait on a loan committee to give us a green light.

How long does it take your Company to buy my house even if I need to sell it in 7 days or less?

We typically purchase a house within 7 days, but it can often be done in as little as 2 days. Remember, we are not realtors, and we work fast. We schedule the closing according to the seller’s needs and time frame. That means we can buy it very fast, or we can extend it for a few months. Whatever the seller needs is what we try to accomplish. We specialize in trying to find the right solution to the situation at hand. You will have a quick and easy transaction and receive a fair price for your home.

How can I sell my house without using a realtor and without paying any fees?

Following the traditional listing process it could take months or even years to market, sell, and close on your house, which is troublesome if you need to move to another city or just really need to sell your home NOW. Because we are not realtors, you pay no commissions and no fees. Also, by selling it so quickly, you save money by no longer having to pay the monthly payments. There is no obligation when you call us to see what we have to offer. When you call your information is kept strictly confidential.

What are the steps I need to take? How is this process accomplished?

When you call us we will collect basic information about your house. It will only take a few minutes. For example, we will ask you if your property is a house or condo, the property address, size of your house, loan balances, whether there are liens or legal judgments against the property, if you are behind on payments or property taxes, and if so, how much? We will also ask about the condition of the property. Once we have all the required information, we can determine a fair market price. All of this will help us establish an offer to buy your home.

In general, why do people sell their homes to your Company?

There are many reasons people sell their homes to us. Families need to move to a larger home or others need to downsize to a smaller one. Sometimes, people are taking advantage of a business opportunity and must move. Other reasons are change in the economy, job loss, falling behind on their payments, health problems, or they are just tired of having too many properties. We also specialize in helping people stop foreclosure, giving them time to fix their credit, and an opportunity to buy another house in the future.

What if I am facing foreclosure, and I am just too embarrassed to call because of my financial problem?

Please don’t feel embarrassed about your situation. Financial hardships have happened to many good, hard-working people. Not all circumstances are within your control. We may be able to help you. Again, your information is kept confidential. We never share your information with anyone for any reason. If you have been served with foreclosure papers, you must call us now. Time is of the essence. If we buy your house, the foreclosure action is stopped, and this saves you from having a foreclosure on your credit records.

Does my house have to be a certain size or condition for your company to be interested in buying it?

No, we purchase properties as small as 800 sq. ft. condos and as big as 12,000 sq. ft. estate homes and in many different areas. Size, condition or location really doesn’t matter.

What if I have little or no equity in my house? Can you still help me?

Yes, we often work with people who owe close to what the property is worth, and many times we can still buy their house. Every situation is evaluated separately.

Is your company’s service really FREE?

YES. Our service is absolutely FREE, and you are never under any obligation. Our company will never ask you to pay a dime. Not a single cent. No commissions. No Fees. You have nothing to lose by calling us. So call us today.

What about price?

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning – we are not out to give you some ridiculously low offer! Not at all!
We understand that you could use every dollar from the sale, so if there’s a way, we’ll make sure you get as large check as possible! (Sometimes, it may not be possible if the loan payoff is too high, and there’s no equity)

OK, so how do we determine our price?

From working with many sellers over the years, we came up with the win-win formula that works for everyone…
You will NET what you would have gotten if you sold your house using an agent, WITHOUT hassles and waiting…
… Sounds fair?
Obviously, if your house needs a lot of repairs, we’ll have to factor in the cost of the repairs as well.
There will be NO other fees or hidden costs!

How long will it take to close?

As you already know, we can close in as soon as 48 hours if needed!
So, you pick the closing date, and we can even arrange for you to stay in the house after the closing. Convenient, agree?

What is the Next Step?

To start the process of selling your house the SIMPLE WAY, please call our office today!
We’ll come out to see if your house meets our criteria, and if it does, we’ll determine the personalized solution that best fits your needs.